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Differentiated Marketing Strategy  

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Why does a school need a differentiated marketing strategy?

Education Advisers believes that schools need a differentiated marketing strategy to be successful.


There are more than 2000 UK independent schools competing with each other to recruit pupils (preferably from parents who can actually afford the fees) However, no more than 15% of independent schools have marketing managers in a full time role. Most of the marketing material and key straplines seem the same – how is a parent to select a school which stands out? You will usually only convert an enquiry if the parent visits your school and you have an effective admissions procedure. Firstly, they must become aware of your school’s existence and secondly, there must be something to make your school differentiated. Ideally your strategy should also appeal to differentiated market segments, because not all parents are the same and you may wish to position your school differently to separate groups.

What is a differentiated marketing strategy?

Anyone can be different – that is not the point. A differentiated marketing strategy should create a desire for the right profile of parent to visit your school. It should be, inter alia:

  • D istinctive – it should stand out from other schools
  • E xciting – Yes we know schools are not exactly exciting, but your communications have to excite parents to want to act i.e. book a visit
  • S uperior – the school should appear to have a better offering than its defined competitors
  • I nspired – all school staff must buy into the strategy and motivated to join in the implementation
  • R ealistic – it should be financially sound, measurable and implementable
  • E ffective – it should produce the right profile of pupils in the target quantities within the allocated cost

Why not ask us to help differentiate your marketing?

When it comes to marketing implementation we take pride in producing distinctive and differentiated plans. We can tackle all aspects of schools marketing or just those causing you problems, such as

  • A sound financial plan
  • Advertising and media
  • Prospectuses and DVDs
  • Exhibitions
  • School seminars
  • Foreign education agents
  • UK consultants
  • Local centres of influence
  • Referrals from alumni and parents
  • Your website and the internet
  • Fees, pricing and awards strategy

Of course, our speciality is new technology. As you will see elsewhere on this site, we build incredibly effective websites, use videos and DVDs to powerful effect and can also ensure that your site receives masses of relevant parent traffic from other websites, while minimising the inevitable time wasters who also characterise the internet.

What differentiates us?

You can see our credentials elsewhere on this site. However, the key differentiators of Education Advisers are:

  • Our Principals have extensive experience of Independent Schools, Technology and Marketing
  • We operate our own extremely successful websites to advise parents on school or college choice
  • We actually place hundreds of children in independent schools or colleges – so, we know how parents think and how schools treat new enquirers

How can my school benefit?

If you would like to receive a copy of our FREE report on differentiated school marketing strategies or receive a free evaluation of your present marketing strategy then call us on +44 (0) 1622 813870. It will cost you nothing at all to contact us or simply fill in the following form and submit.

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